Best Minecraft 1.12.2 Mesa Seeds

Seed: -2043652089

Coordinates: 139 74 217 Temple
Biomes: Jungle, Desert, Mesa

At this Mesa seed, there are two places of interest with some rare treasure. You’ll spawn in the jungle, but take a look to the north and you’ll see a temple nearby. Here you’ll find:

  • 2 Diamond Horse Armor
  • 2 Gold Horse Armor
  • 1 Iron Horse Armor
  • 1 Golden Apple
  • Enchanted Book - Flame
  • 2 Emeralds

Hidden away inside of a mountain at 95 89 127 is a spider spawner with a golden apple and some ingots.

  • 1 Golden Apple
  • 3 Gold Ingots
  • 3 Iron Ingots

Travel to 60 74 -883 for a village near a temple. The village does have a blacksmith, but the treasure here isn’t that great. There are some black obsidian, iron boots and leggings. If you love exploring villages for rare treasure, check out our 10 best Minecraft seeds with villages.

The temple has 4 chests with some great treasure inside.

  • 24 Gold Ingots
  • 1 Diamond Horse Armor
  • 1 Silver Horse Armor
  • Enchanted Book: Smite II, Fire Protection I, Sweeping Edge III
Published Feb. 20th 2018

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