New Pokemon Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

We've gotten a sneak peek at some of the new Pokemon coming to Sun and Moon.

There were 4 new Pokemon recently revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon. One of them, Crabrawler, was seen first at the 2016 Pokemon World Championships in San Francisco, California. The header video showcases that pocket monster, plus the other 3 new reveals.

New Pokemon

Crabrawler - Fighting

Pokemon Sun and Moon Crabrawler

  • Ability - Hyper Cutter or Iron Fist

This is a Boxing crab Pokemon that loves to fight. It is pure Fighting, which is surprising since it is a crab.

It has powerful pincers it uses to punch, and can often be seen around trees looking for Berries.

Sandyghast - Ghost/Ground

Pokemon Sun and Moon Sandyghast

  • Ability - Water Compaction 

This Ghost and Ground type comes from the grudges of fallen Pokemon that soak into the sand after battle. They use their power to manipulate children into making them bigger by adding more sand.

The new ability, Water Compaction, raises its Defense by 2 stages when hit by a Water type move.

Palossand - Ghost/Ground

Pokemon sun and Moon Palossand

  • Ability - Water Compaction

This is the evolved form of Sandyghast. It manipulates adults into building a sand castle to increase its Defense. It can regenerate lost sand, unlike Sandyghast.

It also like to swallow up small Pokemon, using its life force as a base for new Sandyghast.

Stufful - Normal/Fighting

Pokemon Sun and Moon Stufful

  • Ability - Fluffy/Klutz

This little bear Pokemon looks innocent, but is very strong. It evolves into a previously revealed Pokemon, Bewear. 

It hates to be touched and will flail around when this happens.

What do you think of the new Pokemon revealed? Be sure to check back whenever there's new Pokemon Sun and Moon news!

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Published Aug. 19th 2016

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