Kiefer Sutherland on MGSV: "This is How They'll Make Movies Soon"

Movies are the older entertainment medium and yet, film techniques will benefit from game technology.

Movies versus video games. It's a hot topic of debate these days, and it's interesting to hear an accomplished actor talk about gaming as being ahead of the curve.

24 actor Kiefer Sutherland is the new Snake for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V. Long-time fans of the franchise were sad to see the original Snake voice, David Hayter, disappear. However, Sutherland seems like the right man for the job, and he's awfully impressed with the process thus far.

In speaking to IGN, Sutherland said the technology is "unbelievable."

"You know, I've got, like, 50 metal dots on my face, 50 cameras recording my every facial movement. The process and the technology and what I have to go through just to do a line, and what the engineers and technicians have to do, it's unbelievable."

Sutherland cited one particularly amazing scene in which he could see his character's ears move, and could even detect a pulse based on how Snake's throat moved. Here's the best part, though: The actor added that in fact, this is how films are going to be made in the near future. That's high praise, wouldn't you say?

"This is how they're going to make movies soon. They're halfway there now, you know, but they're going to make films like this. This is not far off."

For years, Hollywood has sort of considered gaming a second-rate form of entertainment. Yeah, well, times are changing, aren't they?

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Published Feb. 7th 2014
  • Elizabeth T
    Featured Contributor
    Several movies use massive CGI during filming. I agree, though that eventually we'll become so entrenched in giving our movie heroes and villains so much power and./or skill beyond what is possible in the real world today, that completely CGI movies will be the only possibility rather than a special effects alternative,.

    Another example is Beowulf. I know of many who had no clue just how much of that movie was CGI and THAT was 7 yrs ago!

    Not that I'm against it. Who couldn't sit watching the Avengers in awe and (ahem... other emotions), while Hawkeye fired arrow after arrow with uncanny precision at just about anything that moved. Most of that movie was CGI.
  • Si_W
    But don't they do this already in films?
    Kojima was fanboying on his Twitter about how badly he wants to motion capture Ryan Gosling, Norman Reedus and Benedict Cumberbatch as "actors" in a game, I hope Kiefer's right and he gets his wish.
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    Cumberbatch is the man. Would love to see him in a game.

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