Grand Theft, Pokemon Go and Other Pokemon Mods You Must Try

Grand Theft Auto Pokemon Go

If you ever find yourself getting bored in the city of Los Santos, running people over, hitting stunts and out running the police, you're in luck!

Modder LudicrousBeach has created a Pokemon Go inspired mod that turns the GTA V city into the world of Pokemon, allowing players to avoid the stress of getting off the couch and actually going outside to hunt down Pokemon.

Isn't that so nice of him?

Anyway, the mod allows for several in-depth interactions, much like the actual app. You can actually level up your XP, go to Pokestops, throw Pokeballs, open inventory to view your captured Pokemon and travel with them at your side.

Of course, the game wouldn't really be GTA without the usual violence, so no worries about it completely turning the game away from its usual Mature rating.  

Published Nov. 20th 2016

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