Social and Gaming Platform bitLanders Offers Maximum Privacy and Security with Anonymous Registration

NEW YORK, Dec. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --Social media supremacy and the increasing amount of information shared online every day have raised many privacy and security issues.

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In a world where protecting private data has become essential and necessary, bitLanders has decided to make privacy and security its paramount priority.

bitLanders is launching its new anonymous registration, giving all new users the option to register to its content and gaming platform without giving out their name or email address. Users will only have to choose a nickname and password to join and create a profile, and no personal data will be collected during registration.

This new anonymous registration follows the platform's original initiative to use avatars to represent their users, instead of profile pictures.

On, users can upload videos and pictures, write blogs and micro-updates, interact with the community, and get rewarded for their content, influence, and social activity. The platform uses its proprietary algorithm, the BuzzScore, to monitor and reward high quality content, and protect the integrity of the websiteand its users.

bitLanders' goal is to give everyone the freedom to express their voice safely and get rewarded for their content. By offering full anonymity, the platform takes one step forward in the respect and protection of personal data and security.

About bitLanders is an Influencer's RPG (Role Play Game) designed in Italy and developed in New York City. bitLanders is an Ecosystem with 400,000 influencers who engage 125 million viewers organically with visual media, written content, and native advertising. bitLanders ranks influencers and content creators based on their BuzzScore, a proprietary algorithm that measures the influencers' engagement, content quality, and their reach and influence to bitLanders' larger audience of 125 million users. The currency of bitLanders is Bitcoin, the global digital currency.

bitLanders was launched in 2014 by MTI USA, Inc., the original holding company started in 1995 by Francesco and Tommaso Rulli who immigrated to the United States in the early 1990's. While the original fabric, design and fashion business still operates on 20th Street in New York City, MTI USA, Inc. has evolved into a series of companies at the cutting edge of technology, Bitcoin, philanthropy, fashion, insurance and real estate.

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