5 Gods We Need to See in SMITE Season 4

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If you have been following this year's Hi-Rez Expo then you're probably excited about the first god, Morrigan announced for the the all new Celtic Pantheon.

By far, Morrigan is one of the coolest gods to date and for more than one reason. This epic Celt mage is set to not only be able to create a decoy of  herself but, she can also transform into any god on the battlefield gaining temporary access to the god's ultimate and abilities.

Such possibilities can only make us dream of what's to come in future SMITE updates as well as imagine other gods that should get in on the action, especially the less populated Pantheons.

Keep reading to find out our Gods and Goddess picks that are a must see for SMITE Season 4!

Published Jan. 6th 2017

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