Final Fantasy VII coming to iOS, no love for Android

After announcing Final Fantasy VII Remake, Square Enix confirms iOS port for the original game.

At their E3 2015 conference Monday night, Sony announced Final Fantasy VII Remake. Sony and developer Square Enix have been teasing fans with a remake or remastering of the 1997 PlayStation JRPG since E3 2005, when its opening sequence appeared in a tech demo for the PlayStation 3.

Today, Shinji Hashimoto confirmed that Final Fantasy VII will come to iOS devices this summer.

Hashimoto's announcement follows the launch of the Japanese Dive In app, which offers more recent Final Fantasy titles to iOS users who purchase subscriptions to their favorite games. It's possible Square Enix intends to extend this service to the West, but Hashimoto has not confirmed. Although Dive In previously supported Final Fantasy VII, new subscriptions are currently unavailable until further notice.

The hold on subscriptions isn't the only disappointment Final Fantasy VII fans have faced recently. Although a PC-to-PS4 port was slated last year for a Spring 2015 release, Hashimoto's announcement confirmed that it has been pushed back to winter. Additionally, Hashimoto neglected to mention whether Final Fantasy VII will come to Android devices as well. Several classic Final Fantasy titles have made it to the platform, however, so support for the iconic 1997 game does seem likely.


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Published Jun. 16th 2015

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