Trion Worlds to Publish ArcheAge in North America

Trion Worlds, the publisher of RIFT, has announced that they will be publishing ArcheAge across several territories.

The English site for ArcheAge launched just last week, but no publisher stepped forward to announce that they would be taking the game under their wing -- until now. Trion Worlds, the publisher of RIFT, has announced that they will be handling the localization and publishing of the game in several territories.

ArcheAge is currently rocking South Korea, taking a spot in the top MMOs in the country. It boasts an in-depth trading and building system, along with a ton of side activities and a huge world. The original English site is still up and shows off some of the cool features the game has to offer as a "fantasy sandbox world".

Trion Worlds will be publishing via their Red Door platform in North America, Europe, Turkey, New Zealand, and Australia. Expect more information on the game's release within the next couple of months as the official site fleshes out.

Publishers have been jumping on ArcheAge since its launch in Korea. Just about every big region has an announced publisher, which is a first for an Asian-made MMORPG. Let's hope that the reality lives up to the hype.

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Published Jan. 26th 2013

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