Save Money With Destiny Digital Download Trick

UK gamers can save £5 on their digital purchase of Destiny... £5 to spend on Pro Plus and coffee.

Last week, Activision announced a great deal whereby last-gen users could upgrade their digital purchase of Destiny to PS4 or Xbox One for free.

Since the deal is already in effect, those who already own a PS4 or Xbox One can exploit the offer to buy the digital, current-gen version, at last-gen's RRP, equating to a £5 saving for UK gamers.

As yet, it's unclear whether the money-saving exploit will work in the US as current-gen digital prices haven't seen the same price hike as the UK, and are more in-line with the previous generation's price points.

The exploit has already been confirmed to work for Xbox 360 to Xbox One upgrades. However, Bungie has delayed the deal for Sony consoles.

In their FAQ, Bungie assured PlayStation owners the offer "will be available to you as close to launch as possible," with the release planned for Wednesday 9/10 at 6pm PDT (2am BST).

In all honesty though, with Destiny set to break sales records for a new IP, and already having broken the pre-order record, you've probably got it already.

For those without, reviews of the game are currently being worked on and should be with us soon. Some sites, such as IGN are updating their reviews daily.

Published Sep. 9th 2014

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