Destiny Update: Beta Dated for Xbox One and 360

Destiny beta set to release July 23rd on Xbox One and 360.

Bungie released information on Destiny beta on Xbox One and 360.

Bungie announced July 23rd at 10am PDT (See what time this is for you) as the official release date for the Destiny beta on the Xbox One and 360. 

If you do get a chance to try out the beta, you better clear out your schedule for the next four days following release, because the beta runs only until 11:59pm PDT July 27th.

How do I obtain access to this awesome game?

The only way to access the beta is to preorder the game through your preferred retailer, after which you will be given a beta code.

As you will surely understand after having received your code, these are not for direct access to the beta on your console, but rather for registration through Bungie, who will then email you with your actual beta code once the timeline commences.

What's a Destiny?

If you've made it through the entirety of this article wondering what I'm even talking about, here you go.

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Published Aug. 25th 2017

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