FFXIV: Lightning Strikes News And Introductory Guide

Square Enix has released the details of the Lightning event.

I've made several articles lately about Lightning's appearance in FFXIV. I even covered it in FFXIV The Video cast episode three. However, it seems like most of my speculation was wrong. The only thing I was right about was the rewards being vanity items.

Square Enix released the details of the new Lightning quest line. From the details, it appears that it might not be a FATE. It doesn't sound like a FATE anyways. There will be multiple chapters in which you will progress. All of these chapters will be available for a limited time, so get them done before time runs out. There will be a second coming in February incase you miss out on this event.

Here's the timeline for each chapter. Release dates are at the top, and the entire event ends on the 9th of December.

The Quest Line Rewards:

All of this gear is level 13. It's likely due to the tie in of Final Fantasy XIII, which makes the gear just for cosmetic purposes.

Blazefire Saber: Gladiator
Vega Knuckles: Pugilist
l'Cie Bardiche: Marauder
Bladed Lance: Lancer
Star Seeker: Archer
Binding Rod: Conjurer
Mog's Staff: Thaumaturge
Grimoire Wing: Arcanist


Gear for Male Adventurers
Bohemian's Coat
Bohemian's Gloves
Bohemian's Trousers
Bohemian's Boots
Gear for Female Adventurers
Guardian Corps Coat
Guardian Corps Gauntlets
Guardian Corps Skirt
Guardian Corps Boots

Guide For Chapter Start:

Each chapter will start in a separate area. You must find the reporter in the designated location to start the chapter. I will include the maps from the Lodestone announcement in this basic guide.

Chapter One:

Chapter One: For The Winsome start's in Lower Lominsa Lower Decks. The Reporter you're looking for is named Peter Winsome. Basically the whole introductory piece on the Lodestone revolves this NPC. You will find him on the path just south of the Aetheryte Platform. You must be level 12 or higher to start this chapter.

Peter Winsome's location.

Chapter Two:

Chapter Two: Seeking The Scoop will take you to Uldah, Steps of Nald. The reporter for this chapter is named Dural Tharal. You will find him at the northern exit out of town. Once Leaving the Aetheryte Platform head east towards the exit. You must be level 26 or higher to start this chapter.

Here you will find Dural Tharal.

Chapter Three:

Chapter Three: The Knight's Passage will lead you to Old Gridania. Kipih Jakkya is the reporter for this chapter. You will find Kipih in the amphitheatre. You must be level 38 or higher to start this chapter.

Kipih Jakkya can be found just inside the amphitheatre.

Chapter Four:

Chapter Four: Wonder And Lightning brings you back to Old Gridania. You will find Kipih in the same spot as Chapter Three so just refer back to Chapter Three's map. For this final chapter you must be level 45 or higher.

As soon as the first chapter goes live I will release a full guide for it. You can find the chapter guides in my list of FFXIV strategy guides under Event Guides.

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Published Nov. 12th 2013

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