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Be A Controller for WiiU

posted by 6 years ago

As we all know that 《Super Smash Brothers》has been in hot sale in Japan since 13th September,Just a few days ago.

Today,We would like to show a screenshot which showed online features about 《Super Smash Brothers》 between 3DS and WiiU.It said:You can use exchange custom fighters or use your Nintendo 3DS as a Wii U controller.As the photos showed below,I think it is no need to say more what that represent.Enjoy it!

How about play 《Super Smash Brothers》with your gateway 3ds card?
You can get more information from my Blog:

Meanwhile,I would like to remind Nintendo games fans from America or Europe.You can download Trial Version of 《Super Smash Brothers》from eShop on 19th,September.

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