Is this the most incredible mage comeback in Hearthstone history?

Facing an 80HP Warrior with 30 damage on the field, a Mage player pulls off the most stunning comeback in Hearthstone history...

Hearthstone is one of the most addictive games available, as the World of Warcraft-based card game blends a mix of strategy, humor, and RNG. However, based on this video clip I wouldn't blame a particular Warrior if they never came back to the game ever again. There are simply some things you cannot prepare for under any circumstances, especially dealing with a Mage opponent.

It required everything to come together in one turn for the player's Mage deck, as they faced a stacked opposition of legendary creatures and buffed minions. They were left with only 1 health point thanks to a timely ice block secret, and staring down a Warrior opponent with 80HP and 30 potential damage on the board. 

That's where the fun began. Well, fun for the player and viewers of this viral clip, not so much the guy on the other side of the table. Two Emperor Thaurissans dropped the cost of the Mage's cards effectively when played, setting up an unfathomable final turn.

Two Sorcerer's Apprentices went down, followed by Archmage Antonidas, for a grand cost of five mana crystals. A free Echo of Medivh allowed the Mage to bring out two more Sorcerer's Apprentices, meaning all four drop spells became free. This allowed the player to cast relentless Fireballs being spawned by Antonidas until the opponent surrendered, realizing his health would be gradually whittled down to zero in these bizarre circumstances.

Mages might have spells constantly up their sleeves, but now I'm convinced they snuck a few miracles up there as well.


Published Jul. 22nd 2015

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