5 Voices in King's Quest you've definitely heard before

3. Michael Gough - Larry / Wente Fey

Gough has made his mark in several animated roles like Gopher of Winnie the Pooh, and Raphael from the 1990's television show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles after Rob Paulsen left the role. However, Michael Gough's real memorable works are part of the video game sphere.

Perhaps you've heard him in: 

  • Starcraft (1998) - Tassadar
  • The Diablo franchise - Deckard Cain
  • Batman: Arkham Origins (2013) - Captain James Gordan
  • The Gears of War franchise - Clayton, Benjamin, and Anthony Carmine
  • Call of Duty Call of Duty 2 (2005)- Captain Price
  • Spyro (1998) & Spyro: A Hero's Tale (2005)- Gnasty Gnorc
  • Resident Evil 4 (2005) - Osmund Saddler
Published Aug. 20th 2015

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