Skin Showcase: Custom Nintendo Switch Skins We'd Love to See

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As far as we're aware, the Nintendo Switch will be coming to us in just the original design you see above.

While no other skin designs have been announced so far, it's highly likely that we'll be seeing some in the future -- either as custom plates or bundled with certain games. Nintendo (and other companies) have done this in the past, so it's not a stretch to think that they'll do it with their newest console.

But what skins would we like to see for the Switch? Reddit user DEAD_GIVEAWAY has more than a few awesome ideas that he's been sharing with Switch fans. Here are some of our favorites that we'd definitely like to see once the console drops in March.

Mario Skin

As Nintendo's mascot, it'd be a crime to not at least include a Mario skin for the Switch somewhere in the future. And if you ask me, this'll be one of the first ones we see.

It could be something similar to this, or even be related to the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey.


Luigi Skin

Everyone (or at least, most people) love Luigi. And to honor the best brother a plumber could ask for, this a simple yet excellent custom skin. While not as solid of a guarantee as a Mario skin might be, perhaps Nintendo will invest in something like this.

If Mario can get a skin, why can't Luigi? He's number one to everyone who's player two!

Team Valor Skin

This skin is the perfect way to represent Team Valor -- the ruthless red team in Pokemon Go. 

Due to the popularity of this mobile collectible game, it would be wise for Nintendo to invest in it -- further promoting the app and gathering interest. And everyone knows how seriously PGO fans take their teams of choice...

Team Mystic Skin

We can't show all our love to Team Valor alone. This skin is the perfect companion for all the trainers of Team Mystic out there. The blue mixed with the black works really well, giving the Switch an aesthetic that people would definitely appreciate.

Team Instinct Skin

Maybe Nintendo should follow their instincts and make this skin. While it may not be the favorite team for most Pokemon trainers, all our Team Instinct trainers still deserve some love.

With the amount of love Pokémon has gained over the years, it'd be interesting to see the potential for custom skins, like this next one...

Pokémon Skin

Nintendo usually has skins like this one available for their other consoles, so they'll be losing out if they don't make one for the Switch.

It'd be great to see something reminiscent of the Pikachu Nintendo 64 skin that was available way back in the day. 

Houndour Skin

Houndour is a very underrated Pokémon, and the color scheme he brings to his skin works perfectly with the console's base color.

Maybe other Pokémon, such as Croconaw or Growlithe, could be represented as well. Or maybe we could even get skins for some of the series legendaries, such as Lugia or Groudon. 

Pikmin Skin

Pikmin doesn't get as much love as other franchises, but it should definitely get a skin of its own. 

Nintendo could rectify the lack of interest in this IP by creating an awesome skin, which might raise consumer intrigue in Pikmin and potentially boost sales -- as well as bring more love to Olimar and co.

Metroid Skin

While we haven't heard much from Samus lately, this would be a great skin opportunity if a new game is announced -- giving the series the boost it very much needs, and also generating new consumer interest.

Even if we don't hear about a new game soon, this would still be a great customization option for people who grew up loving the Metroid series. 

Hatsune Miku Skin

I'm sure many Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA fans would love something like this if the series made its way to the Switch.

The series has appeared on previous Nintendo consoles, so there's always a chance that something could be announced in the future. And a skin this gorgeous for the console would be a sure selling point. 

Monster Hunter Skin

There are plenty of Monster Hunter fans out there, and they'll definitely appreciate this -- especially with how underrated the series is.

It'd definitely attract a lot of attention, and perhaps we'd see more merchandise following. Not to mention how sweet this color scheme looks...

Legend of Zelda Skin

Would this list be legitimate without a Legend of Zelda skin? We don't think so. 

With Breath of the Wild around the corner and being a major launch title for the Switch, it's surprising that Nintendo hasn't already made a custom skin to go along with the console. Maybe somewhere down the line we'll see something like this -- a simple, but excellent custom skin.

Kirby Skin

Its been a whole generation since we've seen a Kirby game represented on a main Nintendo console, with the last being on the Wii. This would be a great way to help boost sales for a potential release.

Even better if we finally get word of a new entry in the Kirby series...

What do you think of these custom skin designs? Would you like to see something like them? Are there any others that you think could work? Let me know in the comments below!

Published Jan. 25th 2017



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