Finnish Studio PlayRaven Raises $4.1 Million, But Can It Repeat the Success of Spymaster?

PlayRaven, of the wildly successful mobile game Spymaster, receives $4.1m in VC funding. But will their two new games be even better for it?

PlayRaven, the 16-strong veteran developer team based out of Helsinki, has just raised more than $4 million in venture capital to develop new strategy games for tablets and mobile phones.

Gamers know the studio for its popular (and only) title, Spymaster, a historical spy strategy game which premiered in September 2014, only to top the Apple Store's strategy game category in nearly 100 different countries.

In a press release on the very successful "extended seed investment round," PlayRaven CEO Lasse Seppaenen said,

Our promise to our peers and our audience is to put forth original properties that shake the mobile scene out of its comfort zone. The response to our first title, Spymaster, reinforced that we’re moving in the right direction.

The same press release mentions that the PlayRaven team is working on two new mobile games, both of which are of the strategy game genre.

Spymaster, while very successful in the Apple Store, was a free-to-play game. It'll be interesting to see whether PlayRaven chooses to make these two new titles paid games when they come out, betting that mobile gamers will pay for a game similar in quality to that of Spymaster.

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Published Dec. 15th 2014

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