Dungeon Fighter Online OBT2 Has Begun, Brings Knight and Events

DFO OBT2 is up with a new class and a new event.

Was it really two days ago that Dungeon Fighter Online's first open beta ended? Yep, and here we are: It's already time for OBT2.

The second open beta phase brings the Knight class to DFO Global for the first time ever, and she is just too cute to ignore. Unlike the Creator and Dark Knight (both of which added in OBT1), the Knight is a full-fledged class with two subclasses.

Along with the new class is the Level up Challenge, which will give big rewards to new characters if they reach a pre-determined level before the end of open beta. Players will also be awarded with a free 15 day SD Danjun pet and will receive gifts at level 16, 26, and so on until the end of open beta.

I have to admit, I didn't expect the second open beta phase to get here so quickly -- but Neople knows they have to ride the hype wave to keep people interested, and that's just what they've done.

As always, if you're a fan of Dungeon Fighter Online, be sure to get the word out and let your friends know it's is back in action. The more people who show interest in the game, the more likely it is we'll see DFO Global enter its second full launch in the West.

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Published Aug. 25th 2017

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