StarForge Alpha: I Want More

StarForge shows enormous promise as a Minecraft destroyer.


With the Steam sale going on I picked up a few games that peaked my interest. StarForge was one of those games. The game allows you to gather resources, build structures, and defend yourself from hostile enemies. StarForge is a mix of Minecraft and first person shooter.

Resource Gathering

At this time, the game is in an alpha stage so a lot of the content that will be in the game at launch is not in the game yet. This includes gathering three out of the four materials that are required to build items and structures. You can gather trees by 'chopping' them down with a gun and picking up the pieces that fall to the ground. There is no way to gather stone, metal, or oil yet.


If you have ever played Minecraft then you know exactly how this works. The main difference with StarForge is the quality of imagery. The graphics are leaps ahead of any other game in this genre. Another interesting concept is you are allowed to build actual vehicles as well. Most of them come equipped with turrets, but are not functional yet.


There is a Fortress Defense mode available for play in the alpha version of the game. Essentially you are required to defend an object from waves of enemies using whatever means possible. My last playthrough of this game mode I crafted and placed four turrets as well as spinning objects that threw the enemies into the sky if they came in contact with it. I got to level 31 playing solo with this tactic.

Too Early?

The game shows immense promise for the future, but right now it may be a bit early to actually be playable for more than an hour or two. That is, of course, unless you really enjoy building things because that mode of the game seems to work just fine. In fact you can actually build yourself vertically into outer space. Just keep in mind that the game has physics based gravity and object interaction. This means that if you try to build a structure that is not sound, it will collapse. This also means if something with inertia hits you, you will go flying. I personally have not built into space yet so I do not know how that works.

If you purchase the alpha version, you will get 50% off the retail game as well as continual updates during development for free. I can not wait to see this game get updated! Check out the video at the top of this post, and check out the Steam videos as well. Right now the alpha is also on sale.

Do not take the low rating to mean the game is bad; it's not. I just can not give the game the high rating I want to in its current condition. I will do a follow up in the near future, hopefully, when the next update rolls out. I wish the game was retail right now! I just want to get the word out about the game because now is the time to buy in. Yes, there is multiplayer, even in the alpha version.

Our Rating
StarForge shows enormous promise as a Minecraft destroyer.


I am a self-described MMORPG addict. Not in the sense that my real life suffers, but rather my real life is enhanced.

Published Jul. 22nd 2013

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