10 Best Custom Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Stage Builder Stages So Far

Pls Dont Fall


Created by: Lau

Pls Dont Fall is another stage built around challenge and careful movement. There are very few actual spaces for combat, which makes this stage perfect for heavy hitting melee fighters like King K. Rool and Link.

That being said, it lends itself to characters with very good recovery, too, like Kirby and...Kirby.

That's because falling off the platforms almost inevitably means losing a point. It's possible to try and reach the warp point, but it just throws you out to the left by the icy-looking platform, which is pretty difficult (read: almost impossible) to get back from.

The canons are one major reason why. As you can see, each points to the center of the map. Most chuck you into the left warp point, but the others shoot you out to fry in the central magma pool. Even if you make it out, there's no helpful canon to get you back into the action.

This is also an example of how devious bumpers can be. There's a 50/50 chance the stage's bumpers will keep you from the death trap, depending on how you hit them and how fast you react.

It's brutal, but it certainly keeps players on their toes.

Published Apr. 24th 2019

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