10 Best Custom Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Stage Builder Stages So Far

Crying Wal


Created by: Liggy

Poor Waluigi. All one of his friends, plus every enemy, joins the fun in Smash, while he's left by himself in a support trophy container. This rendition of a very sad Waluigi probably isn't far off the mark for everyone's favorite purple anti-hero.

There are other Waluigi stages, but this one breaks the fourth wall so well and encapsulates the general mood surrounding his absence from Smash. The use of background elements is noteworthy too.

Plus it's a fun stage with a lot of movement.

The shorter platforms don't work for long, drawn-out combat. You'll either get knocked off or move about to escape and draw your foe into a fight on your own ground.

The lower levels might look slippery, but they actually aren't, which provides an additional fighting area away from the main focus. There's just enough room between the bottom-most platform and Waluigi's crystallized tears to make recovery difficult for hurled opponents.

Waluigi's nose, left 'stache, and hat brim are another good risk area. The space is small, and there's hardly anything to break a fall to the left. A strong smash could send an opponent flying off-screen or at least force them to climb all the way back up, granting a major advantage to whoever occupies the hat.

Published Apr. 24th 2019

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