All Hands on Deck for FFXIV's 2.2 Maelstrom on March 27th!

With an official expected release of March 27th, the next big content patch in Final Fantasy 14 is shaping up to be the perfect storm!

Giant water snakes, giant zombiefied Goobues, and even the most threatening giant mascot boss you've ever seen, Patch 2.2 in Final Fantasy XIV is shaping up quite nicely.

In my earlier article about Patch 2.2, I delved quite heavily into what the new 2.2 endgame would hold, and this official trailer only continues to build up the hype for me. Deeper peaks into the Coil, a more solid look at Leviathan, and even a special big surprise involving a bridge at the end of the trailer; PvE players should have more than enough to keep them occupied in 2.2.

Additionally, we've got to find out who these people from "Doma" are...

Besides the new endgame content that is making me chomp at the bit for this patch, there are also plenty of other changes. New Beastmen Tribe dailies, new retainer missions to send them out gathering for items, new hairstyles, the new "glamours" cosmetic system, a new gardening system for people who have put in the time for Player Owned Housing... there's so much NEW in this patch that it's hard to keep track of it.

If you're familiar with the Final Fantasy Universe though, there's also some old things coming with this patch as well

With the official release date of March 27th approaching rapidly, now is a great time for those final pushes in to 2.0 and 2.1 content. No one wants to still be doing Extreme Primals, farming a house, or dying to Twintania when there's plenty of new content! So if you've got the time and willpower, you've got two weeks to take down Twintania, the old Primals, or a housing placard in time to brace for the Maelstrom!

Are you ready?
Published Mar. 14th 2014

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