Halo TV Show Confirmed as "Alive"

The almost forgotten Halo TV show was confirmed as still being alive by Xbox's Phil Spencer.

While some people may not even be aware that a Halo TV show was in the works, Phil Spencer has confirmed on Twitter that it is still "alive."

The show was announced back in May 2013 as a part of the Xbox One reveal event. No other info was released about it but Spencer did say that it won't be just "filler" and that "I think there's a story in the Halo games that's noteworthy. That's a good thing for Halo, a good thing for the platform, and a good thing for the IP owners."

This follows news from August 2015, when Showtime boss David Nevins confirmed the TV show was in "very active development." Reports also suggested that Neill Blomkamp, the director of District 9, may direct the show.

The Halo TV show was at one time expected to debut in fall 2015 alongside Halo 5: Guardians, but obviously that didn't come to fruition. Many people were afraid that with the shutdown of Xbox Entertainment Studios in 2014, the show would go with it. As we now know, that was not the case.


Published Aug. 4th 2017

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