Overkill...why would you do this to Payday fans?

Payday players are rewarded for all their hard work.

It’s that time of the year again folks - no not Christmas, Crimefest! This year marks the fourth anniversary of Payday, and hence the fourth year of Crimefest. Every year Overkill Software challenges players of Payday to complete tasks - like doing certain missions a certain number of times, getting 30,000 players online at one time, or killing a certain enemy so many times.

This year, players completed all of the tasks given to them by Overkill, and so we were rewarded like always. Usually, players are given new missions, new guns, new masks, even new players - and all for free too, most of the time. This year, however, the first reward Overkill gave to us was microtransactions. What? Why would you do this Overkill?

Payday players can now buy safe drills, which open safes that players get while playing the game. These safes contain sixteen gun skins. This would be great, but you can’t open the safe until you pay $2.50 for a safe drill. Once you buy the safe drill, you are given one of the sixteen gun skins inside. One of sixteen! That means you have to buy sixteen safe drills in order to get all the gun skins.

It wouldn’t be a big deal if the skins were just for looks, but they're not. These gun skins also boost the stats of the gun, and you can’t even pick the gun skin you want. It’s like playing the slot machines every time you do it. You want a skin for your shotgun? Too bad, here’s one for the mini gun you never ever use! Get another safe and another drill and maybe you will get the right one this time!

This is unacceptable, especially when we consider that back in 2013, Payday's lead designer David Goldfarb was asked if the game would have misrotransactions and he said:

“No. No. God, I hope not. Never. No.”

Overkill, you have failed this city. I mean, you have failed your fans, and you are going to be in some hot water for the next few weeks. I really hope you can figure something out before everyone uninstalls the game (and you) from their lives.

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Published Oct. 19th 2015
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Contributor
    I like how you wrote an light hearted article, yet also made it angry. Well done!
    I would have just written a very angry article, because this sort of thing is just terrible... it's worse than on-disk DLC, worse than season passes which don't offer much content, it's out and out the worst thing games can do. Of course if the game is paid for, if the game is free then it's acceptable to a point.
    Overkill lied to everyone, they become the epitome of hypocrisy.
  • Dennis Adame
    Thanks so much. I'm glad you enjoyed the article!
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    This graph gives you a pretty good picture of the reception of the change: https://twitter.com/_JamesWilko/status/655325448470007808

    The green bar below 0, those are positive reviews that are now negative haha.
  • Dennis Adame
    yea, OVERKILL has been getting a lot of hate since the first day of crimefest.

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