Ubisoft Announces Major Update for Trials Fusion

Here's everything you need to know about the first major update from Ubisoft for Trials Fusion.

Ubisoft has announced today that Trials Fusion, their popular platform racer from RedLynx is receiving a free update. It'll be the first of many planned to introduce new features for the game.

This free update brings online tournaments to the game, giving players the chance to show off their skills in a variety of challenges. Plus, 10 player-created tracks have been made available cross-platform through Track Central, giving players more tracks than ever to choose from.

Through tournaments players will be able to see how they stack up against other Trials Fusion players. Each tournament will run for a limited time, giving players multiple opportunities to place on the leaderboards to win rider gear, bike parts, in-game cash and experience points. Prizes will be rewarded based on a players’ position on the leaderboard, the higher the rank the greater the prize.

The Trials Fusion DLC will be available to players starting this summer in six pieces. Each piece is purchasable on its own or all six pieces can be purchased as part of the Season Pass for $19.99 USD. The DLC includes new tracks, new bike parts, rider gear, new items for the track editor and each piece of content will let players experience a new Career Mode Event.

Also, a Trials Fusion demo for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system is available starting today.

Trials Fusion is the fifth in the Trials series and is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and now on PS4.

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Published Jun. 19th 2014
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