Game Developers and War Child collaborate for charity

The charity War Child joins with game developers to raise money for children in war-torn countries.

In an industry that thrives on war simulators, often violent themes, and human brutality, the workers of that industry are getting together to create something that raises awareness and funds to combat against those very things.

War Child, a small charity, is joining up with game developers in HELP: Real War is Not a Game, a game jam with the mission to raise money and awareness to children caught in the turmoil of war.

War Child's mission statement is short: "No child has started a war, so no child should be affected by one."

They've rehabilitated former child soldiers in Democratic Republic of Congo, provided safe spaces for Syrian refugee children, and created "child helplines in Afghanistan." The help War Child offers to children is funded by events such as this developer collaboration. Previously, musicians such as Paul McCartney and Sinead O'Conner gathered to create "HELP" which funded 1.5 million dollars to the cause. 

This time, its game developers from a plethora of studios, whose game sales together total over 100 million copies. Technology companies such as Unreal, Gamemaker, and Unity "are also backing the project by providing their tools to the teams on a no cost and royalty free basis."

The developers will span the globe to collaborate for 6 days where they will conceptualize, design, and create the whole product. After the game jam, the compilation of games will be available for digital sale next year.

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Published Jun. 10th 2020

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