Dota TI5: Main Event Day 2 in a nutshell

Eastern teams dominated in Day 1 of the Dota 2 International.

It's the second day of TI5 Main Event and the teams showing us why they deserve to win the Aegis. Teams are still giving us epic drafts, plays, and matches.

Here is the recap of The International Dota 2 Main Event Day 2: 

Upper Bracket:

  • Evil Geniuses (EG) vs CompLexity (coL)

After the DDOS drama, team rivals EG and CompLexity is finally faced each other. EG won Game 1, with Fear's Anti-Mage play being beyond godlike without dying the whole game. EG showed a solid line-up on Game 2, which resulted in a 2-0 win for EG. Taking advantage of CompLexity's mistakes was their key to win the match.

  • Team Secret vs EHOME

Team Secret surprisingly dropped their first series to EHOME, who secured a 6th Place position. In Game 1, the Chinese team EHOME tricked and outsmarted Team Secret on their drafts and line-up which resulted in a devastating combo. EHOME still giving a surprise in the draft picks for their Game 2. EHOME won the series 2-0.

Lower Bracket

  • Empire vs MvP.Phoenix

The Korean team MvP.Phoenix continued their rampage as they beat the favored Russian team Empire. In both Game 1 and 2, MvP.Phoenix and Empire showed a very aggressive match, desperately seeking for victory. Empire dominated Game 2, but the Korean team didn't stop their aggression that stole Game 2. MvP.Phoenix won 2-0.

  • Vici Gaming (VG) vs Cloud9

Eastern teams still dominate the Dota 2 TI5 as VG managed to win over Cloud9. In Game 1, VG's Global Strategy showed an early advantage but slowly fall behind as Cloud9 taking down towers and going for kills. Cloud9 slowly lost their grip and lost the match as the game reached a very late stage. Cloud9 failed to regain momentum as they planned and lost Game 2. VG won the series 2-0.

So how did you feel about TI5 Main Event Day 2? Let us know your thoughts in comments section down below!

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Published Apr. 29th 2016
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