Destiny Guide: Quick Elder Cipher Exotic Bounty

Quick and easy guide for finishing the last part of the Elder Cipher exotic bounty in Destiny.

With the release of Prison of Elders (PoE) in the newest DLC House of Wolves in Destiny, came a new exotic bounty; the Elder Cipher Bounty. This bounty has a chance to drop after defeating Skolas on level 35 of PoE, and the bounty allows you to choose one of the new "Fallen" themed exotic weapons. These weapons are: the exotic sidearm- Dreg's Promise (Arc dmg), the exotic shotgun Lord of Wolves (Solar dmg), and the exotic fusion/sniper rifle Queen Breaker's Bow (Arc dmg).

Get that new exotic in no time!

The Elder Cipher bounty is a long and tedious bounty to complete as you have to do go through PoE on level 35 to get it, then give it to Variks to select which gun you want. When your choice is done you have to return to PoE on level 32 or higher to get another cipher from the small chests at the end, return to Variks for him to decrypt the cipher. This process takes anywhere from 1 day to 7/8 days to finish. 

The easy part the can be misunderstood as being the hard part, is getting the 1000 points from killing bosses in PoE. To get the 1000 points fast is not by doing level 35 over and over like some people suggest, the easiest and fastest way is to level 32 or 34 (your preference) then kill yourself at the end.

For example say the last boss is Urrox, when you and your fireteam kill him and when Variks says "You have won guardian" kill yourself and the last round will start over. Just kill the last boss about 3-6 times depending on the level you choose and you will have the bounty done in no time!

Published Jun. 29th 2015

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