Will the Terror End with AP Yi?

AP Master Yi is being done away with, but is it the end of the Wuju Bladesman?

Summoners will be saying good-bye to AP Master Yi and hello to a more complete Master Yi due to an upcoming kit rework and visual over-haul. Master Yi was considered no-fun and cheap (no, literally, he’s one of the cheapest champions to buy at 450 IP) by most summoners due to his ability to farm, harass, and take down turrets with ease. Even so, there was a time when AP Master Yi was considered a troll build.

Well, what made AP Master Yi so popular this season? While there weren’t any changes made to Yi’s abilities, there were changes made to certain items that made an AP build on Yi more promising.

Middle lane couldn't be easier! Missing some HP? Meditate. Need that farm? Alpha Strike.

AP Yi has been terrorizing some Mid laners by being able to out sustain them due to his Meditate, which is only made better by building AP items, and the amount of damage his Alpha Strike does. More experienced summoners insist that countering an AP Yi is a simple task if you choose a champion that can interrupt his Meditate and stand away from minions to avoid being harassed by his Alpha Strike or even a well-timed shield.

They have Master Yi... They're going to split push.

Previous to certain changes to AP items in League of Legends, Master Yi would build AD items, making his sole purpose to split push which was also considered anti-fun by many summoners. Some summoners even predict that while this is the end of AP Yi, it won’t be the end of Yi Mid and could be more taxing to deal with than AP Yi, as his ability to push turrets will be even better. Sure, there are other champions that can split push, but Master Yi players are infamous for doing this. Even going so far as to ditch team mates in team fights in order to keep enemies distracted so they can split push.

Will his reign of terror ever end?

Probably not. While ridding the world of AP Yi is a step in the right direction, AD Yi is still a pest right now when placed in capable hands. AD Yi's Alpha Strike still does tons of damage and he can still split push like a boss. The only difference is his Meditate is slightly weaker which makes his laning phase a little less intimidating.

This is all dependant on what Riot does to Master Yi's abilities, but what do you think? Is it best to get rid of AP Yi or will these changes only make Yi more troublesome?

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Published Jul. 10th 2013
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