Lumino City Documentary: A Peak Into It's Beautiful Handmade World

Take a look into the beautiful miniature world of Lumino City and see how they brought this game into reality.

Lumino City is the sequel to the puzzle-adventure game Lume, Independence Game Festival Finalist and Develop Indie Showcase Winner 2012. It will be released on Steam tomorrow. Developers, State of Play, uploaded an insight behind the hard work and intricacy that has been put into the game. 

Many indie games have shockingly pretty visuals and unique representations but Lumino City (and Lume) is unlike any other game that I have seen. The State of Play developers explain within the video how every scene is carefully handmade, with real wires being incorporated into the miniature scenes to show actual lights and even include real motors to replace stop-motion animation in some parts of the game. 

"The initial games ideas we have pushed further than we've pushed any before; integrating them with real, physical models."

This teaser documentary shows their progress throughout the 3 years spent concepting, designing, developing and physically building this game. It's fascinating to watch and shows off just how much detail and beauty this game has to offer. Puzzle lover or not, everyone can appreciate the time and effort that has been put into the design of this game.

This is only a teaser documentary, which will be followed up soon with a fully-fledged one called: From Paper to Play. So if you enjoyed this then keep your eyes peeled!

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Published Aug. 25th 2017

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