Xbox ONE Coming In 2 Formats

Are you a casual gamer? Are you a hardcore gamer? Good! Microsoft has something different for both of you.

Microsoft Set To Release Two Different Next-Gen ConsolesJust a small note, the two consoles are not actually named The Recreational and The Pro. I found it easier to give them names while writing this article. var adunit_index = 4000; if ((adunit_index != 1000 & adunit_index != 1001) || (adunit_index == 1000 && device_category != 'MOBILE') || (adunit_index == 1001 && device_category == 'MOBILE')) { if (active_ad_units[adunit_index] != undefined) { console.log('Dyn Unit Legacy', active_ad_units[adunit_index], adunit_index); googletag.cmd.push(function () { var adunit_index = 4000; if (typeof(pubwise) != 'undefined' & pubwise.enabled === true) { console.log('Dyn PW'); pwpbjs.que.push(function() { pubwiseLazyLoad([gptadslots[adunit_index]], true); }); } else { console.log('Dyn Direct'); googletag.display('div-sjr-4000'); googletag.pubads().refresh([gptadslots[adunit_index]]); } //googletag.pubads().refresh([gptadslots[4000]]); }); } } The RecreationalSo for this first console, Microsoft has decided to make it a more DLC driven console. Its purpose will be more towards media, movies, social networking and smaller games (non-AAA games). It will still use the same Windows 8 interface. With new and more powerful technologies comes higher prices. This console will definitely be sold for less than The Pro.The ProThis console, being the more complete one, will do everything that The Recreational does plus more. The Pro is aimed more toward the hardcore/competitive gamer who will never admit to losing. I'm assuming that this console will have a better processor, a bigger hard drive and possibly a better graphics card. All this to say, more performance, for a larger sum.Why Is This A Good Thing?Well the main reason is that it will provide a less expensive console for families and for casual gamers while still offering a top-notch console to those willing to pay more for a better console that will run their AAA games flawlessly.I personally can not wait for these consoles to be released. After 5+ years with the PS3 and the Xbox 360, I think we're due for a change.Don't forget to like my Facebook page. out.EDIT: All information relates to the time of release of this article. 

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Published Feb. 23rd 2014

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