Desktop Client Information Leaked!

Keep in mind this is not an official preview. Many, many, many things will change before release.

During the early morning hours of June 4th, released an information dump pertaining to a new desktop client, that will act as a replacement for the many launchers used by each of the Blizzard Entertainment games.

Here's a summary of the current features:

  • Replaces the launchers for all Blizzard games.
  • Works similarly to conventional launchers, with background downloading, recovery tools, P2P download potential, etc
  • Communicate with friends through chat

Predicted features:

  • -Blizzard storepurchase Blizzard games within the desktop client
  • -Forums
  • profiles

If the MMO-Champion leak isn't enough to prove the client's existence, the official US.Battle.Net has many support links regarding the Desktop application as well:
Uninstalling Desktop app 
You Are Not A Part of A Beta Test 

All of this sounds fantastic, except for one small issue: based on the released screenshots it appears as though the client will be regional. Now, I'd be okay with this if the application still allows you to communicate with friends logged into another region, but if not this really goes against the whole "Global Play" that Blizzard has recently implemented.

Another thought is if Activision will be jumping on-board for the client. While this is very unlikely, it would definitely give the desktop application a much higher reach, potential cross-over and increased sales for both companies.

Here's a mock-up image created by the guys at MMO-Champion:

Published Jun. 4th 2013

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