From The Creative Mind of Thomas Was Alone, Comes New Game Volume

Mike Bithell's new up-coming game is a top-down stealth genre that has an added twist.. you can make your own levels!

Thomas Was Alone, which made its debut in 2012, was created by Mike Bithell and has become hugely successful. Bithell recently announced he is working on his next game, Volume. This game will be a top-down stealth with an awesome surprising twist--you can design your own world!

Bithell explains the influence for Volume came from his love of playing stealth games as a kid. The character in the game is a thief, and as you control him you will have the frustrating challenge of not being able to kill anyone. But being a thief isn't too shabby, either. Your abilities allow you to steal items you can use to distract your enemies. 

You will also be able to create and share levels in the game, which sounds like an interesting concept with potential for some really creative outcomes. After all, think of what people have done with Minecraft since that came out. There is just something about building things that really brings out the kid in us. 

Bithell said to GameSpot:

"Allowing players to make their own worlds and tell their own stories is fascinating to me..."

Bithell won't announce the platforms for Volume just yet, but he has stated the game is set to come out around late 2014. More news on the storyline will be released in October, during UK's GameCity 8 event. 

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Published Aug. 11th 2017

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