Train Simulator 2013 Stops at Its Newest Station: Free Update 2014

Train Simulator 2013 getting free upgrade to Train Simulator 2014.

Train Simulator 2013 is the... Train Simulator released in 2013... who would have guessed. Since then it has released £1623.03 worth of updates--check the Steam page for your local currency--so thank god it's a free update.

Well who can stop it? It has a massive fan (...wheel) base and is track for a free upgrade. All aboard the new train to a new station called Train Simulator 2014. Ok, so only the one number is new, really.

Planning improvements include:

  • An improved UI - So can use the game better...
  • Better graphics - so no longer will you have to suffer with those super detailed trains. You will finally get the 100% pin-sharp trains, not just the 99%.
  • An enhanced career mode which let's players earn points towards medals, rewards and...dun dun duuuun...achievements. Oh, it's not that scary, never mind.
  • There is also a few new routes:
    • Hamburg-Hanover
    • London-Faversham High Speed
    • Donner Pass

Rattling down the tracks in also the extensive library of Steam Workshop files, of (at time of checking) 2,231 files. So this game has some friends and is pretty popular.

This latest stop will be Steaming ahead for a September 26th release, where through the power of heating up water to create Steam, it will magically change its name through pressure and heat or something...I don't know.

Published Jul. 31st 2013

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