Devolver Digital Weekend Sale Live on Steam and Humble Bundle Now

Get up to 80% off on Devolver Digital games during Steam's Devolver Publisher sale this weekend -- now live.

OK. So it's not the official Summer Sale -- which will undoubtedly descend upon us very, very soon. But(!) there are some absolute bangers to be had in the Devolver Digital Sale now live on Steam. 

And the best part about this particular sale is that most of the titles -- except for those that just recently released, such as The Swords of Ditto and Minit -- are discounted by 50% or more. 

Some titles, such as the insanely good and critically acclaimed Talos Principle, are discounted by upwards of 80%. Those are fantastic savings on some truly fantastic titles and DLC. The sale also includes virtual reality titles. 

Here are some of the best games currently seeing deep discounts: 

  • Talos Principle: $7.99
  • Hotline Miami Bundle: $4.99
  • Enter the Gungeon: $7.49
  • Shadow Warrior Bundle: $25.62
  • Serious Sam -- The Complete Pack: $17.69
  • Titan Souls: $3.74
  • Stories Untold: $2.49
  • Luftrausers: $2.49
  • Hatoful Boyfriend: $5.08
  • Broforce: $3.74

You can find the entire list of games by heading over to the sale's Steam page. Or you can see what Humble Bundle has on offer. 

As always, stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news on unbeatable sales and other gaming news, reviews, and guides.  

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Published Jun. 19th 2018

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