The Customer is Always Tasty in Daedalic Entertainment's Godlike Burger

Godlike Burger tasks you with running a burger restaurant in space, but there's a key, deadly twist to what's on the menu.

Visiting a burger joint in outer space might be nice, unless it's Daedalic Entertainment's Godlike Burger, where you're likely to be on the menu. Godlike Burger has a demo available now through February 9 as part of the Steam Games Festival. It provides a generous taste of what it's like to run your own murder-burger stand.

On the one hand, Godlike Burger is a normal business simulator. The goal is selecting just the right ingredients to please customers, keep the business afloat, and make everyone happy by serving them the food they love most.

The thing is, that special ingredient making everyone happy is the customer — and not in a campy, job training "the customer is our blood" way. You're literally murdering customers and serving them as sandwiches.

But you'll have to get creative about it because, obviously, feeding customers to each other is a bad thing. Clever use of traps and other dispatch methods is key to avoiding detection, but if worst comes to worst, there's always a fresh patch of galaxy full of burger-loving aliens and space police who don't know you yet.

Godlike Burger is planned for early access on Steam sometime in early 2021 and is available for wishlisting now.


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Published Feb. 3rd 2021

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