Gamer Gift Guide: For the Bethesda (Fallout/The Elder Scrolls) Enthusiast

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Fallout Collectors Edition Monopoly Board Game

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Price: $40.00

Buy It: The Bethesda Store

Nothing gets famous without a Monopoly game being made for it. Bethesda's Fallout series is no exception. 

Fallout Monopoly features iconic locations from all four series titles, shacks and vaults rather than houses and hotels, and six collectible player tokens: Vault Boy, 10mm Pistol, Power Armor Helmet, Nuka-Cola Bottle, Vault 111, and a MiniNuke.

At a surprisingly low price for a collectible Monopoly game, this might just be the gift you need to get your gamer to play with someone other than Dogmeat. 

Published Oct. 28th 2015

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