Skullgirls Makes Its Way to Japan via Cyberfront

Skullgirls will be released in Japan on the PS3.

The tides have turned for the creators of Skullgirls and it's about time. In spite of being let go by their original publisher, this team has been persistent. With their PC port on the way, acceptance into EVO, and a new DLC character announced, things are looking up for Lab Zero Games.

Here's some more good news: Skullgirls will be released in Japan by DJMax's publisher Cyberfront. According to Famitsu, it will be available for 1,500 yen (which is around $15) on the PSN.

Its release in Japan will give it a chance to get a larger fanbase. Although it is often times hard for a Western game to really break out in the Japanese market, it can be done. If this does take off there, you can bet your sweet bippy it will be at EVO next year.

Another reason this news is great is because this means we'll probably get to hear some awesome voice acting by a Japanese cast. Not only that, but Skullgirls has a lot of hilarious references to other fighting games. We'll be able to see how well that humor translates in Japanese.

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Published Feb. 9th 2013

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