League of Legends Hacked, Credit Cards Potentially Compromised

Riot Games has been hacked and along with usernames and encrypted passwords, the hackers apparently accessed 120,000 transactions which may have given them credit card numbers.

Normally I'd say it is time to change those passwords again, but this time there may actually be bigger problems for some people.  Tryndamere of Riot Games came out with an announcement early this morning, admitting to having suffered a security breach involving their North American League of Legends account information database.

They have been able to confirm, so far, the access of usernames, encrypted passwords, first and last names, and email addresses.  Even more distressing, however, is that given the type and depth of the breach, it also looks as if somewhere around 120,000 transactions from 2011 were also accessed in the breach.  These transaction records contained encrypted credit card numbers, making it possible to construct the cards' payment details with careful, illicit patience.

Riot Games states they are notifying all players whose credit card information may no longer be secured.

They have also explained the method of processing credit card transactions used for the effected purchases has not been used since 2011, meaning newer transactions are unable to be accessed in the same manner.

If you were a summoner back in 2011, watch your email and any credit cards you might still have from back then closely.  Now would definitely be a good time for the rest of us to consider changing our passwords as well.

Published Aug. 21st 2013

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