Best Standard Hearthstone Decks for Descent of Dragons Meta

Highlander Handlock

Just like Highlander Mage, the new Highlander Handlock relies strongly on the power of Zephrys The Great. However, there are several new additions that will make Warlock a bit stronger in this meta.

There is great synergy in combining Zzeraku with Warlock's hero power. Every time you use it or receive damage, Zzeraku summons a 6/6 dragon for free. Such a synergy will allow you to quickly build up the board without using any additional minions.

One of the best new board sweepers is Crazed Netherwing, a dragon that unleashes a powerful AoE similar to the Hellfire spell. In this case, though, you also get a body similar to Duskbreaker.

The last noteworthy card in this list is Abyssal Summoner. Abyssal Summoner conjures a minion with Taunt as big as your hand. For example, if your hand holds 10 cards, then the minion will be a 10/10 creature.

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Published Dec. 6th 2019

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