Someone Just Broke 1 Million Gamerscore on Xbox Live

One gamer has just broken a record on Xbox Live by getting 1 million points!

Since when did your Gamerscore make you a celebrity? Back when Xbox Live started, one could never imagine becoming an internet celeb by just playing a bunch of games and earning achievements. However, the internet has a way of making things out of thin air and it looks like Gamerscore actually does matter, according to the internetz. 

What am I talking about?

Early this morning, famed (?) Xbox Live user Stallion83 made “history” by becoming the first person to ever reach one million points. It is an impressive number for sure and we congratulate him on earning that Gamerscore. The event, broadcast live on Twitch, had over ten thousand viewers watching him in his quest to prove he is an achievement addict.

To earn the last 50 points, he used a special edition white Xbox One that he got at a launch event and used Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall achievements. Here is a screen cap of his dashboard showing the one million points:

While I understand it is hard to get a record-breaking Gamerscore and I certainly would not have the time to do it, doesn’t that just mean that he bought a lot of games and got the achievements for them?

Does he deserve the attention for this feat? Is this clever marketing on Microsoft's side? Comment below.

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Published Mar. 13th 2014
  • Michael Derp
    It's funny how people criticize him and say get a life but those people are the same fanboys scouring the net for articles to troll, at least he is being a gamer while they are being idiots.

    I'd never be able to get anywhere near that feat but it is impressive and I commend him.
  • 2_bad
    That poor lad will never know what it'll be like to get laid!
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    He has a girlfriend who I think is very pretty.
  • Dave_8316
    Get a life
  • inFocus7
    Featured Contributor
    Saw it happen ^.^ Even took a (bad) screenshot of the achievement and him drinking water.. I should've recorded a clip of it though. I'm glad he's getting attention for his dedication to something great; this is good for Xbox since this could trend on Twitter and other social network!

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