Circle Race: A game worthy of your phone's memory

Circle Race is a simple, nifty game for players that are seeking for a time-killer to have on their phone.

These days, gaming has become a part of people's everyday lives. It's become a trend, a profession, and a culture. And along with the development of smartphones, gaming culture has spread its hands into our phones as well.

I love mobile games. They are very convenient in times when you don't have anything on you except your phone and your wallet, and you need to kill some time. Although I do know that a fair amount of mobile gamers enjoy games like Clash of Clans or Boom Beach where you're online, constantly interacting with others, I'd like to introduce to you an another type game I recently came across.

It's Simple

The gameplay is as simple as it gets. Once you've started, you can either press the left button to turn clockwise, thus turning to the left, or press the right button to turn counter-clockwise, thus turning to the right. You are to use these buttons accordingly to avoid all the blocks coming at you.

Also, there are 5 different waves in this game. Each wave differs from each other by the shape, or the movement of the blocks. For example, in the first wave, the blocks are hollow donut rings that are fixed to its place. However, when you move on to the second wave, the same donut rings starts to move in a clockwise direction, in different speeds, making it harder for you to predict where it'll be, and how you should avoid them.

Various Characters

Circle Race offers you a variety of characters. You can unlock these characters either by achievements or In-App-Purchases. As an avid mobile gamer, it does often bother me to see microtransactions. However, this feature is rarely noticeable while playing the game, and it barely affects your gameplay. Also, the achievements are fairly easy and doable, which is why I find it acceptable.

Also in this game, looks are not the only thing that separates them from one another. Each character has its own unique ability, such as boosts or time-freeze, (except for 'Lousy Sherry') that can help you to get farther in the race. 


Mini-Sports are a sub content of Circle Race to make sure that players are not getting sick of seeing their characters run around the same old track the whole time.

These Mini-Sports consists of Long Jumps (as shown in the picture below), Hurdles, and Skip Ropes. They are a series of games that makes you to play them, most for the reason of setting your record. However, sadly, they aren't available right after you download it, but instead becomes available when certain characters are unlocked, which can be done shortly after you've started playing.

What's So Special About It?

Well, it's a question that will be left unanswered for those who demand a reason why it should be "the" game. The only thing i can say about it is that it fits perfectly into the criteria of a time-killing game. The game's simple enough so that you won't be wasting your time trying to remember how this game goes, but at the same time entertaining just enough to keep you occupied in your spare time. It's also not as addictive for you to be absorbed by it throughout your day, but just enough for you to be reminded when you do have time, which is why I see it as a perfect game for me to just enjoy in my spare time. 

Our Rating
Circle Race is a simple, nifty game for players that are seeking for a time-killer to have on their phone.
Reviewed On: Android
Published Aug. 7th 2015

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