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Scrooge McDuck’s Pogo Move Inspired Shovel Knight

The first DuckTales game, released in 1989, is remembered as a classic partly due to Scrooge McDuck’s pogo-jump move. Not many platformers around at the time gave their main character a unique move like this – for example, Mario’s special abilities in Super Mario Bros 3 came through temporary power ups while Scrooge's came naturally. 

Shovel Knight, which is openly inspired by NES classics platformers like Ghosts n' Goblins, Darkwing Duck, and Duck Tales, was developed by Yacht Club Games. Interestingly, Yacht Club Games was set up by Sean Velasco, who used to direct WayForward Technologies. In turn, WayForward was behind 2013's remaster of the first NES DuckTales. Their involvement seems to reveal how Sean Valseco cut his teeth learning the intricacies of these old titles -- and how Shovel Knight came to be. 

Published Aug. 27th 2017

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