The Oatmeal Creator's Exploding Kittens Is The Fastest Funded Kickstarter, Ever

A simple card game about exploding kittens has received over $4.5 Million in Kickstarter backing

There is a new king of Kickstarter projects and it's a card game called Exploding Kittens a game by Matthew Inman (creator of webcomic The Oatmeal), Elan Lee, and Shane Small. 

The game has already destroyed nearly every Kickstarter record to date. In under 20 minutes, the game already reached its $10,000 goal. In an hour, the game was over $100,000. It reached $3 million in the first three days and has now averaged about half a million dollars in funding each day. The game currently sits as the 7th most funded Kickstarter campaign of all time, behind giants like Reading Rainbow, the Veronica Mars movie, Pebble, and Coolest Cooler.

The game still has another 20 days to go.

Exploding Kittens is a game of taking risks. Each turn, you draw cards from the top of the deck. If you draw an exploding kitten, you have been eliminated from the game. You can attempt to defuse the situation by shining a laser light in the right direction or throwing him some catnip, and you will survive for one more turn. You must use your cards in-hand to force the other players to draw more cards or skip turns so that you can avoid pulling an exploding kitten.

The reasoning behind the game's success might be inexplicable, but it does have a certain small charm in the fact that it's a game where kittens do silly things like chew on a grenade or walk across a keyboard that happens to be connected to a nuclear launch computer.

This Kickstarter will likely be the new funding champion for a long while once its next twenty days have completed. 


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Published Jan. 29th 2015
  • Federico Senence
    Featured Contributor
    It's amazing on what things from Kickstarter or Indiegogo that go viral and what doesn't. This game however does seem to be a win in design and concept. I might just have to toss a $20 in their direction and back it so I can get an early copy!

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