The Top 11 Minecraft Beach Seeds for Minecraft 1.12

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Spawn in a tall spruce tree forest

Seed: hiddenbeach
Biomes: Tall Spruce Forest, Taiga, Extreme Hills, Plains, Desert

Our final stop on our Minecraft beach seed getaway features a waterfall and "lavafall" within walking distance of each other. 

If you head to the snow-y extreme hills section at -877, 106, 3751, you will find a ton of coal near some llamas and pigs. The picture above should be within sight by the time you climb up there.

After checking out the sights, set up camp at the coordinates -1694, 4138. There you'll find a beachside village with a chest that has:

  • 5 breads
  • 2 iron leggings
  • 1 iron pickaxe
  • 3 red apples

Share your own favorite Minecraft 1.12 beach seeds in the comments section below! 

Published Jun. 9th 2017

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