Final Fantasy XIV: The great beta-code givaway!

Twitter is exploding with free FFXIV beta codes!
It's raining Beta Codes!

Tweets have been flying around for the past two days for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta codes for the Playstation 3. I knew Square Enix wanted to stress test the server, but do we really need so many?

Twitter is Bursting With Codes

I've seen several hundred codes already given out just through Tweet promotions. Sites I've never even heard of getting retweets from the official Final Fantasy XIV Twitter account, or Square Enix's account. Tweets just keep coming in. I'm thinking Square Enix is just trying to find maximum capacity for the FFXIV servers.

Test Away~

As a current Beta tester, I'm glad that Square Enix is going through such a rigorous process to make sure the game will be ready for it's August 27th release. At the rate they are going, though, everyone will be able to claim they were a Beta tester by the time the game actually comes out.

Keep on the look out!

If you still haven't gotten a code keep your eyes peeled on Twitter. Follow any important game site along with the official Square Enix and Final Fantasy XIV twitters, and . There are bound to be more throughout the week.So just keep watching and maybe you'll get lucky. If all else fails go to Final Fantasy XIV's official site and apply! Good luck and hope to see you in the game!

Published Jun. 26th 2013

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