SEGA Removing Itself From Android Platform

SEGA is looking to remove some of its games from the Android platform until further notice.

SEGA made an official announcement on their blog that they plan to begin removing games from their catalog on different Android stores. These stores include the Google Play Store, Samsung App Store, and Amazon App Store. Nothing has been announced as to whether or not the iTunes store will also be on the chopping block. They also haven't given us a list of games that will be removed, simply referring to the affected games as their "back catalog". The only explanation given was that they want players to have a great experience playing their games and have determined that a number of them no longer reach that standard.

From the way the wording is in their blog post, I can safely assume that some of their newer free-to-play titles won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Sonic Dash and Crazy Taxi City Rush are safe. However, some of their older titles, such as Football Manager Classic 2015 and Jet Set Radio, do suffer from some compatibility issues. I would not be surprised if these disappear from the app store in the near future.

On a good note, any of apps that are removed will still be available to download if you have already purchased them. They just won't be accessible to future customers.

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Published Jun. 9th 2020

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