Mojang and Friends Humble Bundle 2!

Mojang and friends are at it again with another Humble Bundle, going on now!

Mojang and friends are doing a humble bundle for the next 76 hours! Head on over to their website to get your hands on their delicious deal! We mentioned earlier that the words of this humble bundle were up for voting, and they've been decided!

Pay any amount you want (it's split between two charities, Block by Block and Electronic Frontier Foundation) for the games that these companies develop in the next three days. They're bound to be great.

The stats are available on their website, and if you pay more than the average for your specific platform, you are automatically entered in the raffle for some really cool prizes. Be a top contributor to show up on the top contributor's list.

These charities are a really great cause, so donate any amount that you can--you're allowed to enter a custom amount. I donated $5, which is above average for Windows.

The companies have already earned $37,605 and we're only 2 hours in! How much money do you think they'll earn by 50 hours? What about 25? Comment below or tweet us @Gameskinny!

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Published Feb. 20th 2013

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