Fallout 4 has no definitive ending or level cap

Bethesda tweeted out earlier today that Fallout 4 will not include a definitive ending or level cap.

While we get closer to the release of Fallout 4 on November 10th, Bethesda Softworks has been giving tidbits of information on how the game mechanics will work, and have also been retailing some limited edition products.

Bethesda you tease

Through Bethesda's official Twitter account, they tweeted today that Fallout 4 will not incorporate a definitive ending once the story-line is over. You'll be able to continue to play, and also level up as no level cap has been implemented. 

This may appear as a surprise to many as Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas both had endings that were defined but had DLCs released that gave players a chance to continue the game after the climatic ending that ensued. 

While Fallout 4 has been on the highly anticipated game list of the year due the gameplay taking place in the Commonwealth, Bethesda has launched some interesting retail items like the Fallout Anthology, Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide, and teaming up with Loot Crate for a special Fallout edition

Bethesda's work towards creating a hype has not been in vain, as fans around the world have been affected and even done personal cosplay inhibiting how life for a vault dweller would seem. Specifcially, Amiko-chan did a cosplay earlier this month, showing how brutal the Fallout world would be. GameSkinny article, Cosplaying from Below the Vault; Fallout Gets Real discusses her miraculous cosplay.

Are you excited about this open world esque theme and no level cap?

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Published Aug. 6th 2015

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