Next Bioshock Infinite DLC Returns Players To Rapture, Gives Them The Chance To Play As Elizabeth

New upocoming Bioshock Infinite DLC, Burial at Sea, puts players back in Rapture, lets them wear the shoes of Elizabeth.

And honestly, how could that be anything other than good news?

Burial at Sea is a two part DLC that returns player to the city under the sea...before everything went to hell. Built completely from scratch, the DLC is reported to revisit old favourite characters as well as introducing new ones. 

Burial at Sea will take $30 all up out of your wallet, but really...for the chance to revisit a brand spanking new rapture, meet new Big Daddies, play with new vigors and generally wreak havoc under the ocean in a gritty detective narrative - I certainly think it's worth it. Especially for the chance to play as Elizabeth herself in the second installment, in what Destructoid reports as the more survival/horror oriented of the two. 

Of course, you could always watch the trailer below to help make up your mind. I'm already sold, I just need to finish the base game first...

Published Jul. 30th 2013
  • Catrina Dennis
    Featured Contributor
    Mmph, I am SO excited for this. I cannot wait to play as Elizabeth!
  • Catrana
    Ditto~! It's certainly worth a look, at any rate. I might watch a Let's Play rather than buy it though, because the $30 price tag for both parts is a little steep.

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