Top 10 most overpowered firearms in video games

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1. Pandora

Game: Devil May Cry 4
Type: Devil Arm

Pandora is not your common weapon – it’s a living weapon, a manifestation of a Demon’s soul. It can transform into seven deadly forms:

  1. Epidemic – a basic rocket launcher that shoots with high-powered projectiles.
  2. Hatred – a more powerful version of Epidemic.
  3. Revenge – an even more powerful version of Hatred, which is a particle cannon with an almost infinite range.
  4. Jealousy – a Gatling gun with a super high fire rate.
  5. Argument – a helicopter-like vehicle that can be used for air transportation that also has 14 rocket launchers attached to it.
  6. Grief – a huge and deadly boomerang with sharpened blades.
  7. Omen – a weapon that blinds all enemies within its range of effect using a massive flash of light.

You can obtain Pandora’s box after defeating Dagon in Mission 15 - Fortuna Castle.

Which of these ten firearms  do you like the best? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Published Apr. 5th 2016

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